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Our Concrete Dyes

MSDS for concrete dyeWe offer 20 different UV stable colored dyes which can be used for all interior and exterior concrete applications. They are very economical, extremely easy to apply and dry in only 5 minutes making them very versatile when compared to other concrete staining systems.

They can either be applied as an individual color or combined to provide a multitude of different hues, shades, mottled and faux natural stone effects. If you are the more skilled artisan you can use them to form any custom made pattern or picture possible, which is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

The dyes are provided in three different size containers which you mix with either 1 quart, 1 gallon or 5 gallons of acetone which is readily available at Lowe's, Home Depot and most hardware stores. The dye solution is either stirred into the open container or shaken in a re-closable container for 30 seconds and then it is ready to use (never use an electric motor due to the flammability of acetone). A coverage rate of 400 to 600 sq. ft per gallon is normal.

The dye solution is applied at 40 and 80°F using an acetone sprayer with a #6 or #8 tip approximately 24 inches from the surface using a uniform circular motion and after 5 minutes  your concrete staining project is complete. If the dye accumulates or puddles remove the excess with clean cloth immediately and clean up any spills with xylene.

After your staining project is complete you should seal it to protect the finish with either
Concrete Sealer X-4
for a high gloss finish or Concrete Sealer X-5 for a low gloss or satin finish. It is recommended that both coats of either sealer are sprayed onto the stained concrete to avoid disturbing the dyes.

Light Gray Concrete Dye Medium Gray Concrete Dye Dark Gray Concrete Dye Dark Blue Concrete Dye Jet Black Concrete Dye
Light Brown Concrete Dye Medium Brown  Concrete Dye Mahogany Concrete Dye Dark Brown Concrete Dye Walnut Concrete Dye
Gold Concrete Dye Orange Concrete Dye Red Concrete Dye Purple Concrete Dye Terra Cotta Concrete Dye
Buff Concrete Dye Taupe Concrete Dye Turquoise Concrete Dye Light Green Concrete Dye Dark Green Concrete Dye
Small Bottle: $39
(To be added to 1 quart of acetone)
Medium Bottle: $69
(To be added to 1 gallon of acetone)
Large Bottle: $289
(To be added to 5 gallons of acetone)

Our full line of versatile Concrete Dyes can be used with Concrete Sealer X-4 or Concrete Sealer X-5 to produce magnificent designs on all types of concrete.

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